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Rockdale Magnet Fund

Parent Booster Club for the Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology

Monster Dash

5K Fun Run/Walk Highlights

Friday, October 30 – Sunday, November 1, 2020

An Amazing Weekend

of Fun and Fitness

WOWS Charity Miles Initiative

We are proudly supporting the Women on the Way to Success (WOWS) Charity Miles Initiative. WOWS is an RMSST club that empowers our female students to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of the community.
Get started running or walking TODAY and log your miles in the Charity Miles App. Run, walk. or bike for an amazing cause. Each mile, including Monster Dash, is sponsored by an incredible company.

Get Up and Move

During the Halloween weekend of 2020, we got up and moved in our annual Monster Dash 5K virtual run. Although we didn’t run together, because of pandemic considerations, we had an opening ceremony at 9:00am on a chilly Saturday morning which was well-attended. We had over 250 registered runners who ran (or walked) throughout the weekend and over 60 sponsors who supported the Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology. Some made it for the full 5K and some didn’t, but everyone had a great time. Monster Dash 2020 was amazing and we can’t wait for next year.

Get Moving TODAY!

Download the app. Join the RMSST Community Members team along with many other local friends, family, and neighbors.
Turn each step into money for charity. Participate in Monster Dash. Get fit, give back, and have fun!

Important Dates:

930 Rowland Road,
Conyers, GA 30012

Phone: 770-483-8737

Fax: 770-483-7379

2020 - 2021 Officers

Terrance Hollingsworth – President
Tiffany McLymore – Vice President
Melissa Dace – Secretary
Tessa Burkey – Accounts Receivable Treasurer
Wake Bailey – Accounts Payable Treasurer
Felicia Hairston-Momon – Parent Engagement Chairperson
An Goldgar – Open House Chairperson
Tanisha Chandler – Monster Dash 5K Chairperson
Mona Reynolds – Chick-Fil-A Chairperson
Savannah Worthy – Hospitality Chairperson
Courtney James - Communications Chairperson

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